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The general public has been manufactured into a nation of ventriloquists who believe in "so-called mysteries" harbored by scientists and other political entities of the Western world. That should be no mystery at all to you if you got an "A" in World History. When something teeter totters into a realm that can't be linked back to Europe, scientists make the statement: "We have our team of experts working on that."  Therein lies the carefully constructed hitch. African people are indigenous to the world. Look at the Egyptian bust on the right that is over 3,550 years old--billed as a Michael Jackson double by Associated Press. Now tell me and the rest of the world that Egypt was inhabited by White people. Everything documented in history is measured to and from Europe because of European mapmakers. Sheer evidence shows the EXODUS was FROM Africa--NOT TO AFRICA. When Europeans FINALLY GOT TO AFRICA,, Africans had already migrated to all parts of the world.  Read More...

I'm Your Baby's Data


Homo (man) Occidentalis (European or Western Hemisphere) are being threatened as a biological identity. Fertility rates are well below replacement levels in Europe and the United States because of infertility. Read More.....


President Barack Obama is truly the first African American President


The United States has elected seven indigenous presidents. Black Native Americans (Indians) were indigenous to America—North, South, and Central before the so-called "Red Man," before the Europeans and before the so-called Bering Strait crossings.  The Olmecs, Washitaw, Moors, and Yamasee (Mound Builders) planted the seed of civilization in the Americas—Black indigenous natives!" Read More.....



Homogeneous Black and Brown—Planet Earth


The global communities are no longer homogeneously White in color.  Society as we know it should be titled  "Mythology." Scientists find themselves in a quandary after creating daily visionaries of "White Only" for media display. Caucasians are a "dominant minority."  Read More...

5,000,000 Indigenous Americans Present When Columbus Arrived


American history books tell us the first humans crossed the Bering Strait 12,000 years ago to the North American Continent.  they were  Native Americans who looked like people in the John Wayne Movies?  If that is the case, who were the people who were already living in North America 56,000 years ago?   Read More...




The Negrito and Negrillo


The perspective approach to history has been one of constructed mystification. Anthropology is a conjured up science for categorizing people and is blatantly wedged in erroneous idiotic sequences for mass stupefaction.  The following statement is an example: The indigenous Negritos of Australia are described as a "SPECIAL MODIFICATION OF THE NEGROID TYPE" by early explorers---a special modification. Why are indigenous people a special modification? Once arriving in Asia, Oceania, and other termed “exotic places,” indigenous people were already present.  The findings could not be explained so were treated as “denials—refusals to explain” or “mysteries.”  As you will see, Africans were not contained on the Continent of Africa--only.  Read More.....

The Left Hand of Switch Trickery


The White culture has performed a fundamental function to augment “laws of the land.”  The American Legal System assists Whites and make them feel permanent, safe and never-ending.  It causes Blacks to jump in UNISON on the back of the wagon while establishing identities with White Race principles. Caucasian ideologies promise to connect—a significance that will never perish.

Read More.....

Just Bein' Niggas


As children we all learned to play the game of "Simon Says" and have turned into a nation of "Simon Sayers." White Simon says:  "You are Niggers."  "Simon Sayers" immediately react and utter:  "We're Niggers--Therefore, you be my Nigger--Nigger."  Read More.....



White Negroes & the 8% Exit


The Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Directive 15, designates racial and ethnic categories used in the US Census and in other innumerable public and private research projects. According to a statement released by the American Anthropological Association (AAA), the US Government should phase out use of the term "race" in the collection of Federal data because the concept has no scientific justification in human biology--OKAY!!! Just look at who is indigenous to the global world.  Read More.....


European Skin Turned White Only Recently


The progression of losing skin color in humans is called "differentiation" and came about because of a sudden onslaught of the returning Ice Age in Europe lasting 8,000 - 12,000 years.  The Ice Age caused the loss of sunlight and lack of Vitamin-D to inland people trapped in The History and Geography of Human Genes, Cavalli-Sforza explains the connection between climate and physiological traits:  the classical skin color on which climate acts in many ways.    Read More...



Theology Tethers:  The Whitewashed Whoring of Christianity


The original Christianity of Egypt was established by the apostle Mark AD 42 in Ethiopia (Coptic Church Orthodox Christianity). We have been told Christianity came from Rome. Today Christianity as we know it is a religious hodgepodge put together by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD--an endeavor to amalgamate the many religions of the Roman Empire into one.  Christianity plagiarizes older myths and legends historicized to suit the Roman Catholic Church while combining the numerous religions existing at the time (Krishna, Horus, Mithraism, Osirian, Isis, and other many mystery religions). Read More.....



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