Leprechauns & Druids
Ancient history means “before recorded human history or pre-history.”  Few written records exist from pre-history, so the study of archaeology and the study of artifacts must be taken into account to get the whole picture/meaning. The definition of antiquity has changed over the course of time to mean “The study of history before the end of the Western Roman Empire AD 476.” Notice the conclusion in the foregoing statement—Western Roman Empire?  When history was recorded, it was documented by those countries with the biggest guns who had the ability to record what happened. 

A current CBS television show features a psychologist who is a "trial science" expert.  He uses his skills to select the right jurors for his clients and help lawyers decide the right argument to win over jurors. The tactics used to point to brainwashing maneuvers to change a person’s mind.  In one of the episodes, the main character mentions the word “red” 10 times in presenting evidence to the jury.  The next day, everybody in the jury wore something red.  By repetitively mentioning a theme many times, it makes an imprint on the brain.  If the trial lawyer can change people’s thinking in a few hours’ time, think about what happens when the same information is mentioned over 100 years.  A strategic transmission pattern of dehumanization can describe behavior or process that undermines individuality.

The Twa/Koi San are referred to as pygmies (a derogatory term) who have a history pre-dating the Greco Roman Judeo timeline history of Adam & Eve by more than 10,000 years. The Twa traveled and settled over the Earth, spreading to Northern Ireland, Germany, the rest of Europe, and the Asian continent. These settlements preceded the influences of the Roman Catholic Church who used the Twa’s historicity to write down what we know as Christianity.  The Bible was written from the temple walls of the pyramids.

The Druids/Twa were known for their headdress and hair.  Their hair grew into locks which looked like snakes. They also wore a fez or head covering depicting the Kemet symbols known as Uraeus or cobra raised to strike, which is the same snake image you see worn as a Menes, by the Queens and Kings of ancient Kemet (Egypt/Nubia). What also seems so amazing are the Greek statues shown in alabaster WHITE with dreadlocks.

The Roman Catholic Church misinterpreted and demonized the practices of these early people. The Twa later transferred their knowledge to the Druids and Pagans. The Roman Catholics attempted to persecute and proselytize the Druids to their religion. They removed and replaced the original beliefs, customs, and symbols, along with the Leaders and Healers of the Twa people who were still present in Northern Ireland at that time.  St. Patrick was given a commission to set up Roman Catholic Churches all over Northern Ireland, and in the process, convert or remove the Twa and Druid influences. St. Patrick killed in genocide countless numbers of Twa people, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

Uraeus or lock headed people the Druids and Moors were mass murdered in an act of genocide and ethnic cleansing! Leprechauns represent the small Black people who were murdered all in the name of the Christian religion and Roman Catholic dogma and proselytizing. Explore/research the following topics:

  1. Adam’s first wife was Lilith who represents a demonic figure forming the branches of a tree.
  2. The Bible alludes to other people living in the Land of Nod during the time of Adam and Eve.
  3. The Garden of Eden main theme is the “Fall of Mankind” relating it to the serpent that deceived Eve.  Could the snake relate to Uraeus or locked people of the Druids and Moors?
  4. Greece has been given credit for the “cradle of Western Civilization,” but many Greek statues with alabaster skin have dreadlocks.
  5. The National History Museum in London pictures the first Americans as Africans. 
  6. The British Museum has African Pharaohs hidden in its basement while it displays Greek Ptolemies as the ancient pharaohs.
  7. Bimini Island and the Pyramids of Mexico
  8. Mound Builders
  9. Indigenous Black Americans were enslaved than brought from Africa on slave ships.
  10. Many artifacts of African hair picks, jewelry, and skeletons of chimpanzees found on the American Continents.  


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